Beaches or Mountains - Your Next Destination? Outer Woods

Beaches or Mountains - Your Next Destination?

Friends, Fun, and a Serene Destination. Sounds like an ideal vacation, right?
“Friends that travel together, stay together.”
We all often have read such quotes on the internet or social media. Many of us may have dreamt of making those quotes true and many of us have started saving for such a trip with friends. We can never hear a “No” from anyone when it comes to travelling of course, who wants to take the risk of getting punched right at their face?
All of us already have our to-do list ready for every trip and every plan of travelling starts with the choice of destination which usually ends up quarrelling over it.
 Beaches or Mountains - Outer Woods Blog
Goa or Himachal? Mahabaleshwar or Auli? Beaches or Mountains?
No idea how many times such questions have cancelled a fun trip. Every group of friends consists of various personalities and the choice of destination depends upon such personality traits and that's why the decision clashes.
But don’t worry, we have come up with an exciting comparison between beach and mountain destinations which will make it easier for you to choose and decide without quarrelling over :
  • Beaches have a humid and warm climate and if you love sunbathing and tanned skin after a trip then beaches are for you.
  • Mountains have a cool and fresh climate and if you want to experience a cool breeze touching your face then mountains are calling you.

 FoodBeaches or Mountains - Outer Woods Blog

  • Beach or seafood is famous for non: vegetarian menu like fish, prawns, crabs, lobster etc. you will get a variety of mouth-watering spicy non-veg cuisine there.
  • Mountain food depends upon the region as mountain destinations have less connectivity to the mainland and people. There, you will get basic or quick meals like Maggie, Tea, noodles, momos or any other regional cuisine and sometimes you have to help yourself with food.


Beaches or Mountains - Outer Woods Blog

  • Beaches can give you the most stunning views of sunset, sea waves, horizon and you can also create sand art and adore it later.
  • Mountains are heaven for nature lovers, it gives you the most elegant views of sunrise, sunset, snowy peaks, or even a portrait of the sky can make someone feel wanderlust with that view.


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  • Generally, beaches use to have very loaded and mushy vibes as there you can find numerous people enjoying their best, some at a family or friends trip or some at their honeymoon. Beaches are also one of the most striking destinations for parties, live concerts or music festivals. Most people found it convenient to organize social gatherings at the beach as it facilitates various restaurants, bars and hotels for people to eat and stay there to enjoy. If you are a fan of music, waves, the sound of nature or meeting new people or even if you want to sing your heart out to make it listen to the cosmos, then the beaches are the right place for you.
  • Mountains used to have very peaceful and calm vibes. If you want to disconnect from your daily routine, then mountains are your best friend. If you want to travel solo or with someone to share comfortable silence then mountains are for you. People living in mountains have a very tough routine so if you want to experience scarcity of resources or you are a book bug and want to explore within then the mountains are for you.


Beaches or Mountains - Outer Woods Blog

You will get to do different adventures at the beach and mountains but both of them will give you the same kind of thrill.
  • Beach adventure includes activities like; Parasailing, flyboarding, sailing, river rafting and more.
  • Mountain adventure includes Paragliding, Trekking, Camping, Hiking, Mountaineering, Rock climbing and more.


Beaches or Mountains - Outer Woods Blog

  • Beach destinations contain materialistic, luxury accommodations and are easily available according to the budget.
  • Mountain accommodations are less luxurious as compared to the beaches. Being far from the mainland and having less or no connectivity with it, a reasonable mountain accommodation isn’t easily available. If you are up for trekking then you have to buy rental tents from nearby to stay and have to arrange fire essentials for preparing food there.


Just like any other place, serene destinations have their kind of dangers of which every tourist should have to be aware of.
  • Sometimes tourists go far offshore towards the waves due to which the fear of draining increases so one should always listen to the instructions of lifeguards present there.
  • At night, mountain life somehow becomes dangerous for humans as the wild animals use to roam in the woods and there are so many things that are only known to the residents. So being a traveller one should always talk about that place with nearby people and follow any instructions given by them.


Out of all the descriptions that I have given you about the beach and mountains I’m sure now it has got easy for you to choose between them -destination, an ideal vacation. And for that ideal vacation, some things are necessary and drinks are one of them. Be it a seaside or a mountain peak, creating memories is the only goal and for that drinks (Beers, Wine, Whisky etc.) plays an important role. Imagine yourself sitting with your friends around a bonfire chilling and chatting having your favourite drinks... Hey! Are you at cloud nine?
 Beaches or Mountains - Outer Woods Blog
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No matter wherever you go your friends will remain the same, the joy, the thrill, the calmness, the soothing vibes will be the same. So whatever it is, the beach or the mountain. Remember, life is too short for any regret. So open your arms and embrace every moment.
Life was meant for great adventures and close friends.”
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