Essentials of a BYOB Party (Bring Your Own Booze) Outer Woods

Essentials of a BYOB Party (Bring Your Own Booze)

It's been a truly tough year for all of us. We all were caged at our homes either working from home tirelessly or spending everyday in boredom yet fear of the current times. Every single moment, we wish for things to be better. Now, as the country is slowly getting unlocked, the plans to meet and party with friends is everyone’s topmost priority, right!
But what could be the safest place to get into and party your heart out?
We all have somehow suffered financially in this pandemic, that’s all we look for, at this point of time is a fun yet best budget-friendly idea to host a party.
Well, we have your solution already!
It is the ‘BYOB PARTY’ a.k.a Bring Your Own Booze Party.
Being the host of a BYOB party leaves you least worried about the beverages of course, but you need to be accountable for many further essentials and we are here to help you with them.
Here are some of the essentials of a perfect BYOB party that you must keep a check on:
Outer Woods - BYOB Party Essentials Blog
1. Invitation - Be very basic about informing your guests that the party you are organizing is going to be a BYOB. Be clear yet polite. To not sound like a miser, mention things like “I’ll be providing some beverages, feel free to overwhelm us by bringing the booze of your choice to the party, let’s share, chill and have fun.”
Outer Woods - BYOB Party Essentials Blog
2. Venue - In this pandemic, everyone is at home. so might be your family too. So, choose the venue of the BYOB party outside your home, in a resort or at your favorite campsite. Make sure that the venue should not be too heavy to your pocket, should be well sanitized and the owner of the venue and you should be following the covid guidelines.
Outer Woods - BYOB Party Essentials Blog
3. Snacks and Food - Don’t forget to provide some must-have snacks with the drink like wafers, chips etc. Provide food from a nearby restaurant or make it available from the venue, if possible. Be particular about your vegetarian and non-vegetarian friends while arranging the food. Availability of ice cubes is mandatory because many beverages need to be served chilled. Lemon is also one of the must-haves of the BYOB party.
Outer Woods - BYOB Party Essentials Blog
4. Vibe of the party – To bring the party monster out from your guests you’ll be needed some essentials like proper arrangement of hardcore party music. You can also arrange a mic set up for your guests if any of them like to perform something for the people out there. Also, the arrangement of a bonfire is going to be the cherry on the cake. To bring in the childhood memories play ‘Antakshari’ or ‘Dumb Charades’ and have some ‘old school gossips' with your friends and feel the nostalgia with every sip of your drink.
Outer Woods - BYOB Party Essentials Blog
5. The Wine & Drinks Keeper – Being the party host, preventing Drinks bottles safe and cool is going to be your responsibility. A handy Wine Bottle Bag that is easy to carry around could be a lifesaver for your BYOB.
We at ‘Outer Woods' have come up with a wide range of Premium Wine Cooler Bags that can be carried anywhere without worrying about the fragility of the beverage bottles. These Wine Cooler Bags can keep the drinks cool for upto 6 hours and have extra pockets for snacks too. 
Outer Woods - BYOB Party Essentials Blog
You can check the range of Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bags here and these are also available on Amazon and Flipkart.
So, what else do you need for a classy and perfect BYOB party!
Just switch off your office gadgets, bring on your Wine Bags, get into your party shoes and you are all set to create moments of happiness at your much-awaited BYOB party.
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