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Gifting Made Awesome by Outer Woods

"I HAVE A GIFT FOR YOU", how fascinating it sounds! Gifts can make anyone go from ‘Phew’ to ‘Woah’ within seconds. Though nobody demands it, everyone secretly wishes for it from their loved ones. Gifts are magical as they hold someone’s love, care, respect, greet or sometimes guilt in them. It can do miracles between two people. Today, we are going to pour some more magic into the idea of gifting. Let's head towards it now.
Gifting Ideas by Outer Woods

Importance of Gifting

Gifts have always been an integral part of showing gestures of love, respect or bonds between us to the people playing a crucial role in our life. Well, who doesn't love gifts? Gifting has always been a tough decision to make. It varies from person to person or occasion to occasion. You can’t give the same kind of gift at all places. That's why different gift ideas fall under different categories or events.
If we head on towards gifting ideas, the list will be never-ending. Here we are going to introduce you to an amazing Gifting Category.
Gifting Ideas by Outer Woods

What is a Wine Cooler Bag?

Wine Cooler bags are insulated bags designed to carry Glass Bottles, especially for Wine, Beer, Whisky and other drinks. Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bags are thoughtfully designed with:
  • Dedicated Slots for Bottles, Glasses and Accessories
  • 360 Degree Padding ensures the safety of Expensive Bottles
  • Thermal Insulation Keeps the Drinks Cool for up to 6 Hours
  • Made from Premium Waterproof and Dustproof Fabric
  • Extra Pockets for Snacks and Accessories
  • Keep Your Party Plans a Secret with the Discrete and Trendy Design of Outer Woods Wine Bags
  • These Insulted Bags can also be used as Lunch Bags, Food Delivery Bags and Picnic Bags
  • Made in India with Perfection
Wine Cooler Bags are also known as Wine Bags, Wine tote bags, Wine carriers, Wine pouches, Wine bottle bags etc. Wine Cooler Bags make its space in being one of the most innovative and loved Gifts.

Gifting Ideas by Outer Woods

The Most Elegant Corporate Gift

When it’s about Corporate Gifting, the “what to gift” question has always been inclined among restricted things. A workplace is about Team Work & Synergy and the gift should not be too much or too little. The Gifts for the Team have to be sophisticated, useful and should make them feel appreciated. During the Team Building Events, Yearly Review Meetings and Fun Outings Outer Woods Wine Bags fits as one of the best options for Gifting.
Outer Woods Wine Bags are thoughtfully designed to accomplish all the criteria of maintaining a formal yet friendly relationship between the employer and the employees or clients. They can never fail to create a feeling of belongingness of employees or clients towards the company and workplace. The shades available of bags like Black, Oliver, Blue, Aqua and Rust symbolise essential deeds of a workplace like trust, discipline, passion and cooperation.
With bulk orders of more than 100 pieces, Outer Woods also provides the option to customise these Wine Bags.
Corporates can get options:
  • To add Brand Logos
  • Select Product Color Options
  • Add Personalized Messages
  • Select the Gift Wrapping and much more...

Gifting Ideas by Outer Woods

Wedding Return Gifts for Guests

Weddings include fun, emotions, expenses, a bittersweet pain of separation and new beginnings. These amazing moments are lifelong memories and oodles of gifts out of which many are the same cliche stuffs like crockery, utensils, home decors or photo frames etc. An amazing return gift at the wedding can elevate the whole celebration and make your wedding a sweet memory for everyone.
Wine bags could be a niche, durable and fun thing to gift to all the attendees or special guests at the wedding. Outer Woods Wine Bags can be customized to your wedding themes and your personal "Thank You" message can be added. Moreover, Wine Bags are one of the most Trendy Gifting Options as everyone has a different taste of Wine, Beer, Whiskey or any liquor.
Gifting Ideas by Outer Woods

Coolest Birthday Gift

Want to meet those untold expectations, then you are at the right place. Yes, Wine Cooler Bags are one of those gifts which can meet those ‘untold expectations’. This is one of the best gifting options for your family and friends who are into drinking and love to go outdoors frequently. A perfect gift for Wine Lover, Beer Lover or Scotch Enthusiast, an Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bag will be the perfect companion.
Outer Woods Wine Bags are Stylish, Elegant, Cool yet budget-friendly. It can make your friends tirelessly thanking you for such an awe-inspiring gift.
Gifting Ideas by Outer Woods

Farewell Gifting - A Gift to Remember

Farewells are sad for a bond though it is a new beginning for someone, be it a colleague or a friend or anyone beloved, a farewell is a kind of showering of good wishes for the future. The person will be far from distance but will remain close to heart. Such kind of moment demands a special gift so that whenever that person will see it, memories with you will flash in his\her mind.
You can’t settle for a random flower bouquet or anything which will fade away after some time. It needs to be something momentous that should leave a notion of attachment in the aura of distance. Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bags can help you in creating such things. Gifting wine bags can do miracles to the connection of you with that person.
Outer Woods Wine Bags are a perfect gift for bidding adieu. These Wine Bags will be a remembrance and will keep the happy times rolling.
Gifting Ideas by Outer Woods

How to save on bulk orders?

Customized Outer Woods Wine Bags are just a call away. Reach out to us at +91 8619906212 (between 9 am to 9 pm India time) or email us at with your queries.
Outer Woods offers the best rates on bulk orders for as low as 10 pieces order quantity. You can save up to 40% more when you order in bulk. Personalization and Customization of Wine Bags start with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.
Gifting Solutions by Outer Woods
Call : +91 8619906212 (9 am to 9 pm)
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