Insulated Cooler Bags - One Bag, Multiple Uses Outer Woods

Insulated Cooler Bags - One Bag, Multiple Uses

Isn't it amazing when you can use a single product in multiple ways? Be it a simple Laptop Backpack that can double up as a travel bag too or Outer Woods Cooler Bags that can be used in multiple ways in your everyday life. Without wasting any time, let's list down all the ways one can use Outer Woods Cooler Bags.


Outer Woods Insulated 2 Bottle Cooler Bag
Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bags are designed to carry your favourite drinks in the most convenient and elegant manner. The thermal insulation and thick wall ensure that the expensive bottles stay safe and cool for long hours. Any cold beverage kept in the cooler bag tends to stay cooler for up to 6 hours as compared to normal bags which does not provide any thermal insulation. Plan your trips and enjoy your cold beverages wherever you go. The extra pockets in the bag can be used to store some snacks, accessories and much more.


Outer Woods Insulated 1.5 Bottle Cooler Bag
Outer Woods Bags are thermally insulated and hence they can be used to carry hot beverages too. During winters, carry your favourite Ginger tea or Hot coffee while you travel, work or go on day outings. The dedicated bottle slots are very helpful in keeping the hot beverage bottles intact and there is a lot of space to carry cups, snacks and much more.


Outer Woods Insulated 6 Can Cooler Bag with Dual Compartment
The discrete design and thermal insulation of Outer Woods Wine Bags make it so much versatile to be used as a daily lunch bag. Thermal Insulation keeps the food hot for a longer time and the adjustable bottle slots make a lot of space available to carry your lunch box, a bottle of water and some fruits. The food stays fresh for a longer period and all you need is just one bag which can stay with you the whole day.



Outer Woods Insulated Picnic Bag

Picnics just don't need the perfect spots, they do need the perfect food and drinks. Outer Woods Insulated Wine Bags can be your best bet while you go on Picnics and day outings with family and friends. Along with your favourite drinks in one bag, do carry your favourite food and accessories in another bag. Hence one bag will keep things cool like your cold drinks and juices and the other insulated bag will keep your food hot while you enjoy the ride. The compact size of Outer Woods Wine Bags makes them easy to carry and the contents in the bag stay safe and fresh for a longer time.


Outer Woods Insulated Cooler Bag

Parenting has always been the most delightful yet engaging responsibility for all the parents around the world and parenting of an infant needs the most patience and a giant place to carry a baby's essentials like milk bottles, diapers etc. Even if it's a casual outing, baby's essentials are a must to carry. Outer Woods Insulated Bags have ample space to carry milk bottles, warm food and diapers. The discrete and compact design ensures the contents are safe and fresh for longer hours. What's more, carry your kids favourite book, toy, iPad or tablet to keep him engaged too.


If you're one of those food or liquor delivery people or someone who runs such kind of business. Then Outer Woods wine bags can become your hand in hand partner. These wine bags has dedicated slots to carry multiple bottles at a time. Similarly, you can carry multiple orders at a time in each section. That will save your time and keep your orders safe. For that, you can customize them as you want to market your business and can help you in promoting your brand.
 Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bags
Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bags are truly an all in one bag that is suitable for all age groups to carry their essentials as per requirements. Adding to the range of Wine Cooler Bags, Outer Woods has launched a new 4 Bottle Wine Cooler Bag with a dedicated Laptop Compartment. This means you can now carry your work along with your favourite wines or vice versa. You can check out the amazing 4 Bottle Wine Cooler Bag here.
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