Uncorking 5 Drinking Myths Outer Woods

Uncorking 5 Drinking Myths

Alcohol has been around for ages and is a fortified part of every culture. It has moved away from being a rationed source of nutrition to a pleasant accompaniment at any social gathering. The complexity and the sheer variety of choices available in this area make it an attractive option to every curious soul.
Like every other topic, there are a fair share of myths and legends related to alcohol and drinking. Let’s take a deep dive into five of these and see how they stand against scientific facts.

1. Alcohol Gives You Warmth

Outer Woods Blog - Dinking Myths
Alcohol can give you a fake sense of warmth, but it does not provide any heat to the body. Booze can cause your blood vessels to dilate, thus increasing the flow of blood. This leads to more blood flowing to your skin, giving you the feeling of a warm hug. However, your body actually loses heat quicker and you will feel colder as you drink.
Moreover, alcohol is a diuretic. This means that your body will get rid of more water which can leave you feeling parched.
So, be careful when you are drinking in the cold and don’t substitute a glass of whisky for a warm blanket!

2. Wine and other Alcoholic Drinks Never Expire 

Outer Woods Blog - Dinking Myths

While most spirits don’t actually expire in the sense of causing harm to the human body, they do lose their flavour if you leave them out for ages.
It is not a good idea to leave your wine bottles upright and out in the heat and light. Even the best wine can lose its flavour due to heat and light, as well as the cork losing its moisture.
As the cork loses its moisture, it contracts and allows oxygen into the bottle. The oxidation of the wine can spoil it. Thus, keeping the cork in contact with the liquid is very important while storing your wine for later.

3. Beer is Good for Your Hair

Outer Woods Blog - Dinking Myths
Have you seen hundreds of posters advertising Beer Shampoos and other hair-care products that boast of higher alcohol content than your drinks? Does it come as a shock to you that scientifically, there is no evidence linking improvement in hair quality to beer?
While a beer is the ideal drink to share with friends over memories and chats, it is not the ideal ingredient in your shampoo or self-care routine. It has no clinical advantage for your skin and hair, ingested or applied.

4. Bottled Beer is Better than Canned Bee

Drinking Myths - Outer Woods Blog

There is something about cradling a chilled bottle of beer that gives you the sense of enjoyment. However, there are a lot of issues that come with glass bottles. Glass bottles are relatively less portable than cans, they are heavier, and more fragile.
Moreover, the aluminium protects beer from light which could preserve its taste for longer – this is merely scientific speculation though, not fact.
Bottled Beer and Canned Beer are both equally good, the key difference being the difficulty experience in carrying the fragile bottles and protecting them from heat and light. At the end it comes down to personal preferences as Bottled Beer is not better than Canned Beer in any significant way.

5. Champagne is Best Enjoyed in Flutes

Drinking Myths - Outer Woods Blog
The champagne flute might be the most whimsically named glass of all. The stemware designed particularly for Champagne and other Sparkling Wines is often seen in popular culture, elevating its importance.
However, how good is it in terms of utility?
While Champagne Flutes are certainly very pleasing – aesthetically, and their shape has some benefit to the bubble flow of the drink as well, they are not ideally suited for enjoying the drink completely.
Many experts recommend using a regular wine glass for Champagne as this helps one focus on the flavour more. The bubbles are significantly reduced, and the greater surface area offers a stronger scent which can alter the taste greatly.
 Drinking Myths - Outer Woods Blog
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