Wine Bags - Why do you need one? Outer Woods

Wine Bags - Why do you need one?

We live in a land of celebrations. We are known for our rich culture and grand celebrations. Every other day is an event or a celebration for all of us and every ceremony includes a gathering and there comes a variety of food, eatables and drinks. Be it a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze), Festive Season, a Wedding, a Road Trip or even a Birthday Party. Every celebration entreats a variety of drinks.
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Gathering, Games and giggles are incomplete without the favourite drinks of you and your loved ones. And along with our loved ones, drink bottles also need pampering. Fragile yet expensive beverage bottles ask for attention and we often take that for granted. When it comes to taking care of wine bottles, wine bags are the first preference of everyone.
 Outer Woods Wine Bags Blog
People tend to have faith in Made in India products because they are available at an affordable price and there is a feeling of belongingness for them in their hearts. In our previous blog, we told you about Outer Woods Wine Cooler bags.
Wine Bags are also known as Wine Cooler Bags, Insulated Bottle Bags, Bottle Cooler Bags, Soft Coolers, Wine Carrier Bags.
But why buy a Wine Bag?
What are the benefits of getting a Wine Bag?

Carry the Whole Set along with Drinks

Outer Woods Wine Bags Blog

Carry the Whole Set with Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bags. People often think of using wine bags as beverage bottle keepers only but they are more than that. Outer Woods Wine Bags are designed to carry the whole set of wine accessories like Wine Glasses, Bottle Openers etc. You don’t need any extra bag for carrying something other than wine. These bags have ample space to carry all your drinking requirements together.

Keep Expensive Bottles Safe

Outer Woods Wine Bags Blog

Outer Woods Bottle Cooler Bags offers 360 Degree Thick Padding which helps in safeguarding those expensive Wine/Whiskey Bottles. With dedicated slots for bottles and glasses along with padded partitions, the Glass Bottles stay safe and secure. Outer Woods Wine bags are designed to keep your expensive Liquor bottles safe while you travel or go camping. The 360-degree thick padding will prevent them from making that irritating (clinking) noise and safeguard them from damage.

Keep Drinks Cool for up to 10 Hours

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Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bags come with up to 10 mm of thick Insulation sheet that helps to keep the Drinks Cool for up to 6 hours. A Cold Beverage is all you need to relax and refresh. A pro tip here would be to add Ice Packs that can extend the cooling hours to up to 10 hours. Your Parties will never be the same when you own an Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bag.

Adjustable Bottle Slots

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Outer Woods Wine Bags is designed to provide utmost comfort to its carrier as well as the beverage bottles. The adjustable bottle slots can accommodate any shape & size of the bottle in this bag (max bottle height 13 inches). Be it elongated, wide, with or without grip or any shape would fit. This bag perfectly hugs all types of bottles. The adjustable bottle slots in this bag are the most convenient thing you can find in any bag. Just pick your favourite bottle, put them into the slots of the bag and you are good to go.

Keep Your Party Plans a Secret

Outer Woods Wine Bags Blog

Wine bags can be a saviour of your party plans. If you are planning to organize a secret party with friends then a wine bag can be your forever ally. With trendy and cool designs Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bags leaves everyone guessing "What's in the Bag?" No one would be able to guess your party plans and the contents of the bag due to the discrete designs. That's why we always say:

"The Most Elegant and Discrete Way to Carry Your Drinks Wherever You Go"

Stop the Noise

Let "Cheers" be the only thing that is heard. We have to admit that one of the most irritating noises is the clinking noise made by glass bottles. Not only the clinking noise but the fear of breaking those expensive bottles during transportation. The thick dividers of Outer Woods Wine Bags won’t let the bottles smack into each other. Whether you carry the Wine Bag while walk or put it in your car the bottles keep silent and stay safe.

Match Your Style

Outer Woods 6 Bottle Wine Bag

In this contemporary world along with trendy clothes, people also look for classy accessories to carry in a magnificent manner. Keeping that in mind Outer Woods Wine Bags are designed to enhance your style and class. You can shop Wine Cooler Bags in elegant colours and patterns to suit your style. Our best seller is the 6 Bottle Wine Bag. Outer Woods Premium range of Wine Bags are made from luxurious Cotton Canvas fabric and has Aqua and Rust as colour options.

Snacks on the Go

Outer Woods Wine Bags Blog

Wine bags are a multitasker, they not only take care of your beverage bottles but also carry your snacks, fruits or food items at the same time. If you have got a wine bag then you are privileged to roam freely. All you have to do is hang your bag over the shoulder and ramble. Outer Woods Wine Bags come with extra space to keep your snacks safe and fresh. You will have your wafers crunchy whenever or wherever you want.
We at Outer Woods are driven by consumer insights and every product is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to perfection. Shoppers can rest assured about the quality, fit & finish of Outer Woods Wine Bags. All products are handcrafted with perfection in India and are available on Outer Woods Online Store.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Wine bag now.
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